Experiencing PraiseWorld3D as a tourist is now and always will be


You can even make a custom avatar.


Citizens of PraiseWorld3D enjoy additional rights and features such as:

  • Using the “build a unique you” custom avatar maker and save as many as you like
  • Reserve a unique name of your own
  • Keeping a contact list of people you meet
  • Send "telegrams" to your contacts
  • Save your favorite locations in a “teleport” list
  • Opportunity to rent a  virtual home of your own
  • Use the Voice Chat feature
  • Connect your citizen profile to your website or social media page

….and more!

To become a citizen requires a low monthly subscription ($3.33), billed every 3 months

$3.33 x 3 = $9.99.

  • Step 1. Please fill out the Citizen Registration Request in the form below. In the COMMENT section please provide a short message explaining why you want to immigrate to PraiseWorld3D, and how you found out about us.
  • Step 2. When the form is complete, Click on SUBMIT FORM button, click the blue link that appears at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to PraiseWorld3D Shop page to purchase your subscription</li>

    Just fill out the form below, and we will send you a confirmation email shortly. Be sure to add to your email contacts to ensure you receive our emails. We will never share your information or use it to spam you 🙂

    PraiseWorld3D is a Christian Social World. Please conduct yourself with consideration that the community is governed accordingly. Disruptive behavior may result in being booted and/or banned. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription at anytime.

    If it's not appropriate at church,
    It's not In PraiseWorld3D.

    God bless and welcome to the community!