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There are three "3rd Person" views:

  • Rear overhead view

  • Rear view

  • Front view

While in any of these 3rd person views, you can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. Use the end keys to change between them, and the home key to return to "1st person" view. When in 3rd person views, combined with mouse mode, you can get a panoramic view of you and your surroundings!


To talk to other people: Under the “Talk to” section is the chat input area. This is where you can type to send chat messages to other users. What you type appears in the Message box, also known as the Chat Entry box, which is located just below the Chat History. After typing your chat message, pressing the Enter key sends your message. Then you'll see your message appear in the Chat History window, and other people that you are within chat range of will see it also.

To mute other people: If someone is speaking that you would rather not see any more chat messages from, you can mute them. To mute someone, right click on that person's avatar and select Mute from the avatar pop-up menu. You can un-mute them again later by repeating the same procedure.

Contact List (available to citizens)

Over time, you’ll make many new friends. To keep up with these friends, you can add them to your contact list. From your contact list, you’ll be able to see when they are online, you can send them telegrams, and you can join or invite them to different locations.

There are three ways to add a new contact to this list:

  • Right click on their avatar, then click “Add to Contacts”, or

  • Right click on their name in chat, then click “Add to Contacts”, or

  • Right click in the contacts tab and click “Add New Contact”. From there, type in their name exactly as it appears.

  • General Tips

    Talking to other users, or "chatting", in PraiseWorld3D is similar to chatting in any other Internet chat environment. Simply type whatever it is you would like to say and hit the ENTER key. Your words will be broadcast to everyone else nearby. Similarly, whatever words other people type will be sent to you and will appear on your screen.

    If you are new to chatting over the Internet, you will quickly discover that chat has a unique set of rules and jargon (sometimes referred to as "netiquette") that can be confusing to a newcomer. But never fear, in just a few minutes you can familiarize yourself with some basic guidelines and in no time you will be chatting like a pro!

    Here are some basic tips to keep in mind if you want to have a positive chatting experience:

    • Never type in all capital letters. WHEN YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING! People generally find this very annoying.
    • Be polite to strangers. If you don't know the people you are talking to, it is appropriate to be as polite as if you are meeting someone for the first time in real life.
    • If someone doesn't want to chat, don't harass them. There are plenty of people to talk to. If one person doesn't want to chat with you, just move on, don't pester them.
    • Don't be offensive. Offensive behavior is totally inappropriate . Otherwise, you will just annoy everyone and you will wind up getting muted. Offensive behavior may be grounds for ejection.
    • Citizens may use the voice chat feature. To request use this feature, please use the form on the contact page of the website. Be sure to include your citizen name. You may also enquire about voice chat to any of the "angels". NOTE: Voice chat requires installation of  third party software connected to the PraiseWorld3D VOIP server.


Users with a name that begins with "Angel"  are representatives of PraiseWorld3D. They are here to help you and enforce community rules.


We strive to keep PraiseWorld3D a safe place for our users. Please always keep in mind that you are still "on the internet", and use internet safety practices. Your are encouraged to NEVER give out personal infomation.

And remember:

Angels are watching 😎