Is Corporate Worship Possible Online

Is Corporate Worship Possible Online?

Advancing technology has been both a blessing and a curse for over a century now. It has saved lives, created jobs, taken away jobs, and brought us closer together globally while simultaneously making us feel more isolated and alone. However, given the current pandemic and social restrictions, that same technology has made it possible to socialize from home, work from home, and yes, even worship from home. God will always find a way to reach His children!

Reaching the Masses

Religious broadcasting has been around since radios became popular. After the invention and popularity of the television, radio services and televised services were available on a national scale. Televangelists became very popular in the 1950s, with a select few well-known ministries broadcasting nationally to millions of viewers each week. The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and local religious channels hosted services on a regional scale. Then came the Internet.

Churches of any size now had the ability to record and distribute services via websites and email to their own congregations. This was ideal for active church members who were disabled or elderly and those who could not or did not wish to attend church physically.

Online Corporate Worship

Online church services make sense and align with the current technology in the Digital Age. People attend school, shop, get the news, socialize, meet their spouses, share momentous events, and more, all online. Worshipping your Lord and Savior shouldn’t be any different. It is beneficial to those who are traveling or have moved away and want to stay in touch with their church family.

The Year of Everything

In March 2020, the world drastically slowed down. Non-essential businesses, gatherings, activities, and functions ground to a halt. One of those non-essential functions was churches. Christians needed their faith and the Lord’s guidance more than ever in these uncertain times.

Religious organizations had adapted well over the years, but now, online worshipping or something akin to it would be necessary for millions of people. No more singing, socializing, or the familiar closeness of friends, families, and neighbors.

The transition was a difficult one, but more people turned to online church services to stay connected and found it to be a suitable way to social distance while still hearing and learning God’s Word. It hasn’t stopped there, however.

Virtual Churches

Virtual Christian communities and churches give even more to people of faith. They don’t stop at sermons and singing and praying. These online Christian communities provide people a safe place to rejoice, interact, socialize, attend church services, and so much more from the comfort of their homes. It’s like Yahoo!, Google, Snapchat, and Facebook all rolled into one, but with morals.

The creators of PraiseWorld3D saw this potential and developed something amazing to bring people together in the most difficult of times. Their mission is togetherness and happiness, and isn’t that something everyone needs?

You can download the 3D browser HERE