PraiseWorld3D TV

Current events have compelled most churches to increase their online presence, and struggle to adapt to
some sort of online church service. Once you have your videos and live streams, the problem of how to create an environment which includes conversation and fellowship becomes your focus.

So…church media director, you spent many hours researching the how-to’s and the what-to-buy’s and train your crew until finally you are streaming to Facebook or youtube. So how do you get folks to watch it? How do you cut through the millions of uploads and live streams each day. Should do you invite folks to watch on platforms that far too often also have content any good Christian would not care to see or be exposed to? Should you be using these media giants who far too often show bias towards those steaming true biblical views and the Word of God? Especially if the Pastor is bold enough to approach sensitive cultural subjects?

What if there was a platform just for churches and Christian content providers and give your viewers the ability to have fellowship in a positive family friendly environment?

Introducing the premiere one stop affordable solution: + PraiseWorld3D.TV = Your Future Home

After months of searching for the best way to store videos and provide a live stream option for PW3D content creators and churches, we have established our own “Youtube-esk” website that fits the bill perfectly. With an authorised account, the site users can create a permanent live portal that will stream and record video using, for example, Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) which is what most Facebook and Youtube live streamers use. OBS is an open source free video broadcasting application.

This video platform is a critical step forward for PW3D, and adds great value to the Virtual Church product and other content providers blessing the users of PW3D.