3D Virtual Church – Base Package

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3D Virtual Church


Many churches reach beyond their buildings utilizing websites, internet radio, social media, and live-streaming services.
PraiseWorld3D takes you to the "next step" in online ministry and fellowship, blazing a path for Christ into a "Virtual 3D World" where Christians not only enjoy the live streamed church services and other content,
In your Virtual Church they can do this together while enjoying fellowship with each other!


Virtual Church for Fellowship

Video Screens - Your Existing Video or Live Stream* and Access to PraiseWorld.TV Video Hosting

Info-Graphic Links to Online Presence

Links To Online/Text Giving

Private Chat Zone

Choice of Pre-Built Churches

Image Image

Additional Features Available A La Carte:

Access to Private Voice Chat Room in Our Mumble Server

Access to Your Own In World Audio Podcast

Custom 3D Building*

*Your Existing Video or Live Stream* (results may vary)

*Custom buildings quoted per client