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It all started when

MrHeid decided to pursue ways to attract worship ministries and churches in general to participate in PraiseWorld3D. The end goal is to generate events and concerts for users to enjoy together and create content for promotion. Remembering that Scott at FrontGate Media, our marketing agency, had mentioned the e-magazine (WMM) as a good place to advertise. This prompted a call to Scott to purchase an ad in WMM.
It just so happened that Scott and Bruce (the magazine owner) had been talking about how the nationwide shutdown was grounding vast numbers of music ministries, finding themselves turned homeward from their various travels due to canceled concerts. Bruce was planning on doing an article about this very subject, which prompted Scott to give Bruce a call about PW3D. This wound up turning a 1/4 page ad into a two page spread for the same price, and a featured interview with MrHeid, appearing in the April issue!! God’s timing…
PraiseWorld3D is a great place for concert events. There are many venues where users can gather with other avatars to enjoy video events, live and on demand.


Users who have virtual homes can tune in to these programs on their own TVs for a more intimate viewing with invited guests. The best part is users can enjoy these media events together.

If the performers take advantage of PW3D’s strategic partner , users can give a love offering very easily and securely.

It will be great to see this part of the PW3D vision come to fruition. If you would like information about how you, or someone you know, can hold media events in PW3D just send an email to